Help is on the way

I have been a life-long resident of the city of Chicago. I grew up in the Lake View and Bucktown neighborhoods, I’m the youngest of three, and was raised by a single Latina mother. As a Gold Star, twice single parent, I worry about my own teen boys every time they venture out. My 18-year-old, was not long ago, the victim of an attempted car-jacking and was thankfully uninjured because he was alert and followed his instincts. But unfortunately, others have not been so lucky.

My family has suffered and sacrificed considerably under the current Sheriff’s administration. I lost my wife Sheila, a Cook County Corrections Officer because of a lack of decisive leadership. I’m currently raising my Gold Star family in Chicago and like many of you, I can no longer sit back and watch as our cities continuously become a haven for rampant criminality. I on the other hand, will not abandon my community but instead I will work on fighting this attack on common decency, on society, on our businesses, on our neighborhoods, and on our families. We can no longer tolerate business as usual with the negligent bureaucrats and their false promises.

As a 27-year veteran Sergeant of the Chicago Police Department, I know intimately how crime destroys hope, families, and communities. We are a county of rich and diverse communities and we must come together to ensure we provide a safe, prosperous, and welcoming community. It is without a doubt, that now is the time to strive for the greatest outcome for our future and the future of our children.

I’m a military veteran having served my Country honorably for over 33 years in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force with two combat and three contingency tours.  In my last combat tour, I was in charge of the law enforcement and security for the largest air base in Iraq with over 36,000 personnel.  I will continue to serve my community with the same honor and dedication to excellence, integrity, and commitment as a law enforcement practitioner. I will bring my extensive experience, education, and innovative initiatives to bare in order and provide all of Cook County the forward-thinking common-sense leadership we all deserve.

Leadership is everything and it’s been absent at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for far too long. I will not be an absentee Sheriff. Help is on the way…

Official Response to Sheriff Tom Dart Slating by Democrats from Noland Rivera for Sheriff Committee

The Noland Rivera for Sheriff campaign committee is extremely disappointed that the Cook County Democratic Slating Committee has chosen to slate Tom Dart for re-election. The committee had a unique opportunity to show strong leadership and solidarity with the 1,063 women that were sexually harassed while at work for Cook County. Settling the lawsuits has cost the taxpayers over $35 million and the business-as-usual approach displays an appalling lack of compassion and a tone-deaf approach to what the tax payers of Cook County demand. The lawsuits, failed electronic monitoring program, skyrocketing crime rates, and a refusal to acknowledge that old policies have failed, is a legacy of Tom Dart that he cannot hide from. The stubborn refusal to implement innovation and fresh new approaches to these problems are a clear signal that change is desperately needed.


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