Cook County Sheriff’s Office Platform Initiatives

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department
My campaign pledge is that the Sheriffs Police will be engaged and active in providing professional, impartial, and dignified police services to the residents and visitors of Cook County regardless of personal circumstance or status.

I will cultivate and foster greater cooperation between the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and other local, State, and Federal agencies with the goal of keeping the county safe and secure for all.  I believe in the rule of the law and the letter of law.

As a 30-year law enforcement practitioner, I will ensure that the Sheriff’s Field Operations, Criminal Investigations, Street Crimes Command, Communications, Operation Support Command, are fully staffed and trained appropriately.

Cook County Sheriff’s Department of Corrections
Is one of the largest single-site pretrial holding facilities in the world. Deputy Sheriff’s assigned to the Department of Corrections are responsible for the security of more than 8,000 detainees, many of whom are violent offenders awaiting trial in the criminal court system. Approximately 100,000 individuals circulate through the jail annually.

I will ensure that each person is treated as an individual, respectfully, and humanely. I will also ensure that our employees and staff are also treated with the same consideration and provide for as safe and secure work environment as possible.  As your Sheriff, I will be held accountable to the people and work toward improving detention services including: the health services facility, the education departments, the food services and commissary, and continuous staff training. You can count on me to work tirelessly to meet the criteria of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Cook County Sheriff’s Department Civil Division (Civil Process Unit, Evictions and Levy, and Warrant Unit)
Is responsible for processing, service, and enforcement of circuit court orders.  I will ensure that justice is not delayed. I will ensure that victims of crime who have secured protective orders and other legal documents have complete and immediate service by serving warrants and apprehending subjects of civil warrants in a timely manner. I will work on the Department’s economy and efficiency (faster and cost effective) for the taxpayers.

Cook County Sheriff’s Consolidated Telecommunications Center
Serves unincorporated Cook County, Berkeley, Blue Island, Dixmoor, Ford Heights, Gold, Harvey, Hometown, Indian Head Park, Lyons, Merrionette Park, Metra commuter Rail, Northlake, Palos Park, Park Ridge, Phoenix, and Robbins.

I commit to maintaining quality services and performing stress tests on this system to ensure 99% consistency (1% due to natural disasters).

Fiscal Responsibility
With over 5,800 Sheriff’s members and an annual budget of $619 million dollars, I will ensure that our budget is fiscally sustainable and transparent.

Business/Economic Development
I believe the Cook County Sheriff’s Department is part of the economic development of Cook County.

I will work very hard to make sure our existing businesses thrive under positive economic conditions. I will work with our legacy corporations and all businesses, who have made Cook County their headquarters, so their employees feel safe and secure and their businesses thrive.

Community Engagement
Inclusivity and Community Engagement is one of my priorities so that our residents are active participants in “Making Life Better.”  I truly understand that our Sheriff’s Deputies are tasked with many priorities, but I will ensure that community engagement is part of their processes.